Peugeot 106 S2 Rallye Reproduction Decals (Doors, Wings, Bonnet, Rear) FULL SET




These here are brand new reproduction Peugeot 106 S2 Rallye decals we’ve been producing for a while now, with excellent feedback. Specification is as follows:

  • The lettering/wording is computer cut on a 5-year red polymeric gloss vinyl (not printed in full-colour on white vinyl like many others, which is a miles better finish).
  • The stripes are full-colour printed on a white gloss vinyl and are then gloss laminated for protection and computer cut to shape after curing.
  • The edges of the stripes are printed full colour (grey) rather than silver.

We personally produced these from start to finish, including the artwork and tedious running around taking photos and measurements of existing genuine decals we bought and ones we looked at on cars.

We’ve done lots of colour testing, namely getting the 3 stripes the right colours and the red wording matching the red stripe in a solid vinyl colour.

They are supplied on a medium tack transfer paper for you to apply like the originals.

There are others on the market but the quality, design is really poor and the sizing is miles out, using an extremely rough trace presumably for the artwork which look like they’ve been done by an amateur in their bedroom. Don’t end up buying twice – buy the best available from us!

We’ve heard lots of stories about the others available and many have been shown to us, and they’re pretty disappointing, which is why we’ve been prompted to do these. We think you’ll be very happy.

You’re buying a full set, which includes:

  • Front Bonnet Stripes
  • Left front door Stripes
  • Right front door Stripes
  • Left rear wing ‘Rallye’ wording
  • Right rear wing ‘Rallye’ wording
  • Rear tailgate left ‘Peugeot’ wording
  • Rear tailgate right ‘106 Rallye’ wording
  • Rear tailgate right stripes (next to ‘106 Rallye’ wording)

They will be packed carefully in a postal tube to avoid them being folded or damaged.

We also have spares of individual decals available in our shop here if you only need a particular one from the full set.