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Welcome to Vehicle Decals UK!

cropped-siteicon-1.pngAt Vehicle Decals UK, we design and manufacture a wide range of graphics and our own unique products such as discontinued / no-longer-available car decals and stickers, and quirky aftermarket products that you always wish had been made years ago. We also produce replicas to exacting measurements and specification of unavailable items, which are popular for classic vehicle restorations, rebuilds and show cars.

We specialise mainly in all forms of Vehicle Decals, ranging from domed polyurethane resin badges, emblems, exterior weatherstrips and mixed cut-vinyl graphics to unique one-off projects. If there’s something you’re after, get in touch with us and we’ll talk things through and see if it’s something we can turn around for you.

Please refer to our Delivery schedule page for estimated turnaround times and our Notices section for legal and fair use of our items when repairing classic cars.

Also, head over to our Instagram page (@VehicleDecalsUK) to see a selection of the work we’ve done, and feel free to follow us and tag us in your photos – it’s always fantastic to see the work we’ve done for our customers, and we’ll always add good photos to our image gallery and credit the author.

Postage on all our items within the UK is free, and we ship internationally regularly. Most orders are posted out usually within a single working day, although some items are bespoke and require longer timeframes.

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B Pillar Sets – Additions

Just a small update but still a few things to add! We’ve added a few more sets of requested B Pillar Decals sets to our shop, including the Vauxhall Astra 3dr MK5 sets (Regular and Carbon ones), Peugeot 307 sets, the popular Fiat Punto MK1 GT full sets, and we’ve also just added a brand new range of Citroen C1 (3dr + 5dr models, 2014-2020 current) pillar sets too.

We have also more recently just added the Peugeot 406 ones, suitable for the Mk1/Mk2 in both Saloon and Estate/SW shape!

The Peugeot 207 3dr ones and the Peugeot 207 5dr (hatchback & estate/SW) are also now available, and in addition to these, we’ve also just extended our range with the introduction of the Peugeot 206 5dr Hatchback and Peugeot 206 5dr Estate/SW models too. Check them out!

Finally, the Peugeot  range benefits from the new 307 5dr Hatchback B Pillars too – we’ll be sure to keep adding ones so check back soon!

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Peugeot 106 S2 Dash Badges

We’ve just added our brand new range of Peugeot 106 S2 Dash Badges (including S16 model added recently) which we have produced with their very own 3D-printed plastic backing, with an integrated sliding clip, with the top finish being a gel polyurethane resin coating. They’re currently available in a few styles for the 106 Rallye and the GTI model, you can check them out here – and we’ll no doubt be offering custom ones shortly – so get in touch if you’re after something unique!

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Renault Clio 197/200 Badges

We’ve just added our new range of Renault Clio 197/200 (RenaultSport RS197 / RS200) Small Polyurethane Gel Resin Badges, sold in pairs, and available in a massive range of colours to suit most Clio 197 and 200 models. They’re 64mm x 16mm in size, and look great particularly on the base of the door pillar on the door, contrasting nicely with the black textured vinyl (which we also sell). Check the badges out here!