Renault RS Steering Wheel Centre Horn Buttons (Mixed Colours) Twingo Clio Megane Trophy


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These are our very own design RS (Renault Sport) style Steering Wheel Horn Centre Buttons, available in a range of colours/styles.

They suit the Twingo 133, Clio 172/182/197/200 and the Megane 300. There’s also Trophy styles ones too

They are 60mm outer (face) diameter to suit most aftermarket steering wheels, and have two contacts on the reverse to form a single circuit for the horn (or other circuit of your choice).

These are the more desirable and better looking proud style, not the flush-fit style.

These were never produced by another company and are not affiliated with any other brands, they’re our own product entirely with our own design.

Please check your steering wheel dimensions against the dimensions in the photos of our horn to ensure fitment. This size is the most common and should fit 99% of all aftermarket wheels such as OMP, Sparco, etc. Please check your own wheel as some Momo ones have a different diameter hole and utilise their own bespoke horn.

We also offer many other styles of centre horn buttons, and we can also do custom designs if you wish – so please get in touch with us for bespoke enquiries too!

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RS133 – Yellow, RS133 – Black, RS172 – Yellow, RS172 – Black, RS182 – Yellow, RS182 – Black, RS197 – Yellow, RS197 – Black, RS200 – Yellow, RS200 – Black, RS300 – Yellow, RS300 – Black, Trophy – Red, Trophy – Black