Peugeot 406 4-door Saloon & 5-door Estate (Mk1/Mk2) B Pillar Exterior Textured Vinyl Weatherstrips


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These are reproduction Peugeot 406 (Mark1 and Mark2 aka Phase1/Phase2, for both 4dr Saloon and 5dr Estate) B-pillar door side adhesive vinyls in a proper exterior textured material. Existing ones are prone to shrinking, cracking, and generally looking a mess within no time.

Simply remove your others, clean the surface up and bring them back to life with our replacements.

These are made to suit either the 4 door saloon models (earlier phase1/mark1, and later phase2/mark2), or 5 door models, so choose accordingly from the dropdown list to make sure you get the right set! The 4-door saloon versions have 4 adhesives in total (one for each door), where as the estate models have 6 due to an extra adhesive towards the edge of the rear door.

Check which phase your vehicle is before ordering, as they are not interchangeable due to body shape and door shape differences.  There are very minor differences between shapes/phases.

Original ones are discontinued and no longer produced, and ours are modelled off the original vehicles and styles, so are a like-for-like replacement.

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4-door Saloon – Mark1/Phase1, 4-door Saloon – Mark2/Phase2, 5-door Estate – Mark1/Phase1, 5-door Estate – Mark2/Phase2