Peugeot 207 5-door & Estate SW B Pillar Exterior Textured Vinyl Weatherstrips


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These are reproduction Peugeot 207 (5dr Hatchback and 5dr Estate/SW) B-pillar door side adhesive vinyls in a proper exterior textured material. Existing ones are prone to shrinking, cracking, and generally looking a mess within no time.

Simply remove your others, clean the surface up and bring them back to life with our replacements.

These are made to suit either the 5 door hatchback models , or 5 door estate/SW models, so choose accordingly from the dropdown list to make sure you get the right set! The 5-door hatchback version has 4 adhesives in total (one for each door), where as the estate model has 6 due to an extra adhesive towards the edge of the rear door.

These are replacements for OEM part numbers:
Right front door – 932792
Right rear door (front-most) – 932793
Right rear door (rear-most Estate) – 932799
Left front door – 9326AE
Left rear door (front-most) – 9326AF
Left rear door (rear-most Estate) – 9326AP

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5-door Hatchback, 5-door Estate/SW