Mini Overlay Coloured Gel Front and Rear Badges (R50, R52, R53, R56, R57, R58, R59, F55, F56, F57)


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These here are our very own Mini (BMW) Gel Resin Overlay Badges for a variety of Mini’s from early to late models. They are produced in high quality full colour print onto a high tack base layer to ensure adhesion to your existing badges, and topped with a polyurethane premium Gel Resin glass finish.

We use a premium Polyurethane Resin finish and not cheap epoxy alternatives, so these won’t fade and go yellow within a month unlike many other companies’ gel badges.

Please choose from the dropdown list for your model accordingly, as some models use different size/style badges for the front and rear. Please double check your own measurements prior to purchasing to ensure they’re a compatible fit to yours. Simply clean your old surface up and ensure they’re smooth, and apply these by pressing them into place once you’re happy with the position.

They are quite forgiving and can be lifted / refitted if you don’t align them right first time around, so if that happens then simply lift them off and reposition them.

If the sizes don’t match with your model, please let us know so we can point you in the right direction, as a couple of models have further variation of the badge sizing and occasionally people retrofit different size badges.

Please note that these are overlay badges to apply to your existing badges – no physical plastic OEM badge is included.

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R50/R52/R55/R56/R57 (large front+rear), R58 Coupe (large front / small rear), R59 Roadster (large front / small rear), R53 / R52 Cabrio (small front / large rear), F55 (large front + rear), F56 (large front + rear), F57 Cabrio (large front + rear)


British Racing Green, Red, White, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Yellow, Union Jack

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