Peugeot 106 S1 (Series 1) Rallye Reproduction Decals (Full Sets or Individual Stickers)


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These here are brand new reproduction Peugeot 106 S1 Rallye Decals we have produced from scratch, which are by far the best available on the market, with the closest colour matches and best quality print.

  • All decals from the set are full colour printed including metallic silver
  • Printed on exterior cast white vehicle-grade vinyl and gloss laminated for extra protection
  • Clear transfer tape applied to aid fitment

We have done a lot of research, measuring and testing of these decals from original stickers and viewing factory-standard immaculate vehicles to keep quality and style just like the original ones from the 90’s, in the correct scale and proportion, with the closest match to existing colour as possible.

These aren’t layered like sub-standard alternatives and the colours are as close to originals as you’ll get. The colours are fully solvent printed, even the silver, and overlaminated in vehicle-grade laminate.

A full set includes all 10 decals to complete the full car:

  • Front Bonnet Stripes
  • Left front door Stripes
  • Right front door Stripes
  • Left front wing Stripes
  • Right front wing Stripes
  • Left rear wing Stripes
  • Right rear wing Stripes
  • Rear tailgate left ‘Peugeot’ wording
  • Rear tailgate right ‘106 Rallye’ wording
  • Rear tailgate right stripes (underneath ‘106 Rallye’ wording)

We also sell the decals individually, as you will see from the drop-down menu, in case you only need certain parts of the set.

They will be packed carefully in a postal tube to avoid them being folded or damaged.

These are a slightly longer turnaround time at 5 days due to the nature of the decal set and metallic printing time.

Additional information

Decals Required

Full Set (10 decals), Front Bonnet Badge, Right Front Wing Stripes, Right Door Long Stripes, Right Rear Wing Stripes, Left Front Wing Stripes, Left Door Long Stripes, Left Rear Wing Stripes, Rear Boot Peugeot Wording, Rear Boot 106 Rallye Wording, Rear Boot Stripes