Fiat 500 Abarth (595 695) Front and Rear Coloured Gel Resin Badges


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Our very own Fiat 500 Abarth (595 and 695 models) Front and Rear Custom Gel Badges are finally here – available in a few different colours to suit each car.

We have also recently added the Rally Blue style, Stealth Black, and Italian Retro White style.

We can also do custom designs – so enquire if you’re after something bespoke/unique!

Produced in a high quality white gloss vinyl media, with a top coat of premium Polyurethane Resin Gel, to give a durable and classy look.

Please note that the black plastic grill/holder/mount is not included – this is just for the badge only, to apply to your existing plastic mount.

Fitting tip: The original badge on the front of the Fiat 500 Abarth can be separated from the black plastic grill/holder/mount so you can remove your existing front badge and apply these directly onto the plastic itself. For the rear badges they do not separate so you’ll need to apply these over the existing badge after you’ve cleaned all surfaces properly so they mate nicely.

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Front Badge – Red, Front Badge – Yellow, Front Badge – Adrenaline Green, Front Badge – Light Blue, Front Badge – Blue, Front Badge – Pink, Front Badge – Orange, Front Badge – White, Front Badge – Grey, Front Badge – Stealth Black, Front Badge – Italian Flag, Front Badge – Italian Retro Style, Rear Badge – Red, Rear Badge – Yellow, Rear Badge – Adrenaline Green, Rear Badge – Light Blue, Rear Badge – Blue, Rear Badge – Pink, Rear Badge – Orange, Rear Badge – White, Rear Badge – Grey, Rear Badge – Stealth Black, Rear Badge – Italian Flag, Rear Badge – Italian Retro Style