Citroen Saxo VTS VTR Coloured Door Badges Domed Resin


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These here are brand new coloured door badges we’ve designed which are suitable for the Citroen Saxo VTS and Citroen Saxo VTR, available in a range of colours that are different from the standard guise ones we offer. They are 106mm x 24mm to suit the original door trim hole, so it’s just a case of pulling your old ones off, cleaning the plastic up, and sticking these down to spruce up your look.

They are full colour printed on a premium vinyl with a domed polyurethane resin top coating for durability, not the cheaper epoxy stuff that goes yellow after a few months.

They are sold as a pair (you’ll receive two badges), so no need to buy the item twice if you only want a single vehicle set.

We sell both VTR and VTS styles in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink!

Please note: Due to this being a new bespoke product, turnaround on these is 5 days until we settle into knowing the demand for each colour variation! This gives us time to build up stock of the most popular ones.

We also sell the standard-style VTR and VTS badges in our shop too, as well as the Saxo VTS / VTR Red Cup Badges!

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VTR Red, VTR Blue, VTR Yellow, VTR Green, VTR Pink, VTS Red, VTS Blue, VTS Yellow, VTS Green, VTS Pink