BMW E36 Door Badges (Individual, Clubsport, Touring, Evolution, SMG)


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These are our very own E36 door emblem badges available in a choice of wording to suit custom builds or special versions, made entirely from scratch by ourselves and unavailable anywhere else. The base plinths are 3D printed on plastic (PLA) and the badge itself is full colour printed on a premium vinyl. The top coating is in a polyurethane domed resin for a raised gel effect like the original badges.

These are mostly our own style of product which are just for enthusiasts and weren’t made by BMW.

Available styles are:

  1. Individual
  2. Clubsport
  3. Touring
  4. Evolution
  5. SMG Evolution

The pricing is for a PAIR of badges, not just one side.

This provides an excellent like-for-like ability to simply swap existing ones over, rather than having to be brutal and gouge the innards of your old genuine ones out to fit custom stickers in there.

At present, these are made to order / in short quantities so they take a couple of days for delivery instead of our usual next day/1 day turnaround. Nothing major though, still done and dusted quickly.

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