Copyright Basics

It should be obvious from the items offered for sale on our online shop, but no items are produced by the original manufacturers, or they are entirely our own work and were never available for sale to begin with. Generally speaking, our items serve as a repair part for the “right to repair” and retain a factory-look, and traditionally old parts like what we sell have been discontinued for many years and haven’t been available from manufacturers for prolonged periods of time. This provides problems for those people wishing to repair their vehicle to original factory specification particular with damaged or unavailable parts.

Items are not in any OEM-branded packaging and do not purport to be genuine parts at any stage.

It should also be noted that badges supplied are (usually) overlay badges and do not come with any plastic backing like an original part would have come with. This will be specified on each product itself if it applies.

Vehicle Decals UK does not represent any manufacturers, organisations, or companies displayed in the online store. All products listed, including badges, decals and the like, are available at and by the request of customers. All the company or product logos included on this site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies, and are provided as a convenience only for their lawful use. They are also provided as method of “right to repair” from a vehicle point of view, when you cannot repair your vehicle to original specification due to parts being discontinued. This is prime with older classic cars, when parts are discontinued from production.

It is the expressed intent of Vehicle Decals UK that any unauthorised use of the aforementioned items by the purchaser shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Purchase of any product from Vehicle Decals UK is not authorisation for the use of any specific logo or trademark nor does Vehicle Decals UK represent that it has obtained such authority to grant such use by the purchaser.

By clicking “Add to Basket” you convey to Vehicle Decals UK that you have authority (if required) to use the above work. While a majority of the designs are submitted by users, Vehicle Decals UK has no intent to infringe any trademark or copyright. Therefore, if your logo appears on this site and you are unhappy with it, please contact us and we will take action.

Intellectual Property Rights

Vehicle Decals UK does not claim to own the right or have permission to sale officially licensed merchandise of any kind, or make claims to have made the art produced on this site for sale. Vehicle Decals UK operates under the Fair Use laws and Right to Repair laws. As previously mentioned, our items are based on old designs that are discontinued, or usually our own designs and interpretations of 20+ year old classic vehicle parts.

Whilst Vehicle Decals UK understand Intellectual property is hard to grasp in terms of what is legal or illegal for the common person, we make every effort to work with IP holders when they contact us about any items offered for sale on here. Please keep this in mind when providing us or requesting custom designs for us to produce for you, or items you purchase and their end use.