Renault Clio MK4 5Dr B Pillar Door Textured Weatherstrips



These are reproduction Renault Clio MK4 5-door (5dr) B-pillar door side adhesive vinyls in a premium exterior plain textured weatherproof material. Existing ones are prone to shrinking, cracking, and generally looking a mess within no time.

These are for the 5 door MK4 model only.

Simply remove your others, clean the surface up and bring them back to life with our replacements.

These are over £120 a pair from the main dealers so are a bargain for what they are.

This includes the stickers to do both doors (4 stickers in total), and are a direct replacement in terms of fitment for original Renault items.

(Please note: On the MK4, the thin front-most pillar and the rear handle-release are plastic mouldings themselves, not vinyl. The inner pillars on the doors themselves are vinyl, which is the ones our set replaces.)

Reference numbers:
802852810R – left hand front door (front pillar)
822826699R – left hand front door (rear pillar)
802846960R – right hand front door (front pillar)
822832374R – right hand front door (rear pillar

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