Renault Clio 197 200 (RS197 / RS200) RenaultSport Small Resin Gel Badges


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This is our new range of Renault Sport Polyurethane Small Resin Badges to suit the Renault Clio RenaultSport 197/200 in a variety of corresponding model colours. We’ve recently done these in a few different colour options as custom jobs for people and decided we’d run with them with a much larger variety to suit other models and colours.

They’re sold in pairs, and they are 64mm x 16mm in size. They can be applied to a variety of places, most commonly on the lower part of the B Pillar Decal (textured or carbon) on the front door. We’ve produced them in a range of colours that closely match existing colour codes so you can keep your theme going with these stylish gel badges.

These are our own product and were, sadly, never produced by Renault so they’re a nice aftermarket addition to your Clio!

Please note: colours aren’t absolutely identical colour match to existing metallic/pearlescent colours, so use them as approximate/guideline colours only. The grey version we do is a “middle of the range” colour, due to there being far too many variants of colour in the grey shades. Against the black door pillars, they contrast and look very good.

As this is a new product, timescales are 5 days until we build up stock and knowing which are popular so we can better manage stock! 

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RS197 – Liquid Yellow, RS197 – Glacier White, RS197 – Deep Black, RS197 – Racing Blue, RS197 – Malta / Albi Blue, RS197 – Ultra Red, RS197 – Grey (Mercury/Nimbus/Storm/Stealth), RS200 – Liquid Yellow, RS200 – Glacier White, RS200 – Deep Black, RS200 – Racing Blue, RS200 – Malta / Albi Blue, RS200 – Ultra Red, RS200 – Grey (Mercury/Nimbus/Storm/Stealth, RS200 – Alien Green