Peugeot 205 GTi Bumper Fixing Nuts & Bolts


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These are Peugeot 205 Bumper Fixing Bolts which are made in stainless steel, and include the short bolts and long bolts, plus matching stainless steel M8 nuts. These are direct fit replacements for the Peugeot ones which are no longer available, and which were never made in a stainless steel. Whilst they are not identical to the original ones, they fit the same and work the same, plus with the added benefit of never rusting again. These are replacements for Peugeot part numbers 742947 (7429.47) and 742948 (7429.48).

We sell these as either a full kit to do both bumpers (full car) which includes 8 nuts and 8 bolts, or we sell them as single kits to do just a single bumper (either a front or rear bumper), which includes 4 nuts and 4 bolts.

Anyone who has attempted to remove their bumpers or mounting brackets will know the struggle of them snapping or churning the plastic channel up within the bumpers when undone. These are an extremely cost-effective replacement, given Peugeot charged over £7 for a single bolt.

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Full Car Set (8 nuts and bolts), Single Bumper Set (4 nuts and bolts)

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