Peugeot 206 5dr Estate B Pillar Door Textured Weatherstrips



These are reproduction Peugeot 206 (5dr Estate models) B-pillar door side adhesive vinyls in a proper exterior textured material. Existing ones are prone to shrinking, cracking, and generally looking a mess within no time.

These are for the 5dr Estate model only. If you need the regular 5dr or 3dr Hatchback models, see our other 206 items here.

Simply remove your others, clean the surface up and bring them back to life with our replacements.

This includes all six stickers to do all four doors (1 sticker per door, plus extra stickers for rear door surrounding the handle), and are a direct replacement for original part no. 932788 / 932789 / 932698 / 932699 / 932661 / 932756