Fiat Punto MK1 GT (Mark 1) B Pillar Exterior Weatherstrip Vinyl (Full Set)



These are our very own Fiat Punto GT (Mark1 / MK1) Textured Style Exterior B Pillar Vinyl Weatherstrips. They are a direct replacement for the OEM ones, which are prone to shrinking, cracking, and generally looking a mess within no time.

Simply remove your others, clean the surface up and bring them back to life with our textured replacements. These are a very similar textured exterior media which are an excellent replacement.

This set included 6x stickers in total, to do both the front doors, rear quarter glass edges, and the base of the quarter glass too.

Reference OEM Part Numbers are as follows:
Driver Side – Main B Pillar – 7743650
Passenger Side – Main B Pillar – 7743651
Driver Side – Quarter Glass (Front facing) – 7743693
Passenger Side – Quarter Glass (Front facing) – 7743694
Driver Side – Quarter Glass Long Lower Finisher – 7743689
Passenger Side – Quarter Glass Long Lower Finisher – 7743690