Peugeot 406 Coupe Saloon Boot Lock Badge Surround Emblem Decal Domed Resin (8726 C1)




These are rear boot emblems/badges for the Peugeot 406 tailgate lock (also known as the surround), which work for the Coupe and Saloon, assuming you have the lion badge there at the moment. They are known for looking tatty and fading with age. They are similar to what you would get (minus the plastic moulding with chrome edge) if you were to purchase Peugeot OEM Part Number 8726 C1. They have a similar but not identical Lion logo on them.

These vinyl badges are to be applied over the existing lock and work best when you remove all traces (including the old tin backing plate) on the existing lock. It is advisable to pick the old one off and clean all glue and residue first, then apply this over the clean fresh plastic of the badge surround.

They are gloss black and chrome with a top coat of polyurethane premium domed resin, giving them a raised gel look that will freshen the badge up.

(Please check your badge looks like the photos first)

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