Peugeot 106 S2 Quiksilver Boot Lock Badge Surround Emblem Decal Domed Resin


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These are our own design Peugeot 106 Quiksilver (Light Grey and Dark Grey style) rear boot emblems/badges for the Peugeot 106 S2 (Series2) tailgate lock (also known as the surround).

This is our very own interpretation and never available, so we have redrawn a similar looking Quiksilver logo to suit the Peugeot 106 Quiksilver models.

They are similar to what you would get (minus the plastic moulding and lock mechanism) if you were to purchase Peugeot OEM Part Number 8726 E0, although the emblem itself is not available on it’s own and never has been.

The plastic lock is not included, only the gel vinyl adhesive badge.

(These are not suitable for the Series1 Peugeot 106 – the updated S2 lock is entirely different)

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