Peugeot 106 S2 Airbag Inlay Badges (Quiksilver)


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These are our very own brand new Peugeot 106 S2 Airbag Inlay Badges in the Quiksilver style which we have produced, with it’s very own laser-cut black plastic backing, with the top finish being a gel polyurethane resin coating. The reverse has self-adhesive sticky foam pads attached for ease of fitting.

The Airbag badge on the later Peugeot 106’s is intrusive and can be popped off using force, without disturbing the airbag. Prize the plastic badge off, and simply fit our new ones in place with the self-adhesive foam pads, or fit them with your own desired method (bonding them in, sealant, etc)

Please note: these suit the later 106’s with the the passenger airbag, which have got the “AIRBAG” badge. These suit both Right hand drive (RHD) and Left hand drive (LHD).

We also offer them in the “GTI”, “S16,” “RALLYE”, “106 RALLYE”, and “Enfant Terrible” (black / white) style. Please see the additional photos for a photo of them fitted within the dashboard panel too.

We’re also going to be doing custom versions at some point so get in touch if it’s something you’d like!

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